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The bed linen is made of 100% natural cotton - Strip satin.

2 pillowcases with a choice of 70*70/70*50;
A cover of lightning on three sides;
a sheet on a rubber band.

We can make a unique set of bedding for your size.

The bedding for our weighted blanket should be:

1. Very strong to withstand the weight of the blanket.
2. Convenient to make the bed seem not to be exhausting torture.
3. At the same time pleasant to touch our favorite customers.

And we managed to combine those three qualities!

The use of natural fabrics of the premium hotel business - Strip-satin, makes the bed-linen wear-resistant and at the same time tender and soft.

And even the most fragile girl can make bed linen like this because our lightning deck has three sides.

Put your bed in the mood of a luxurious vacation.

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