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 Healthy Sleep is
Healthy Sleep is "Obyatia"
Change Your Sleep with
Change Your Sleep with "Obyatia"!
Simple Desicion!!!
Simple Desicion!!!
Weighted Blanket
Weighted Blanket "Obyatia"
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«Obyatia» Weighted Blanket


Would you like to have a healthy and sound sleep?

Do you find it difficult to fall asleep, do you feel sleepy all through the day and your work is not effective enough? Then you should pay heed to the weighted blanket. It is an amazing cure for insomnia, anxiety and stress situations.


A heavy or sensory sleep aid blanket is no longer a specialty in our country. We have been producing these since 2016 and we know everything about these. The functional concept of such blankets is that serotonin, which is released more actively under the effect of pressure produced by a heavy blanket, helps the nervous system to tune to the rest and relaxation.


The blanket is suitable for both adults and teenagers or children. Its weight can vary from 5 to 9 kg (or custom-made per your individual enquiry).


Our blanket is structurally composed of several layers of fabric and soft filling, with a weighting material placed in between.


All components of our blanket are certified and safe.


You can buy the «Obyatia» weighted blanket on our website

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Why hugs have a positive effect on health?


In most cases, hugs are a generator of positive emotions, the human health, in turn, depends so much from.

People receptive to the world have stronger immunity, are less likely to suffer from heart disease development, have better weight control, and more often have healthy blood sugar levels.


The fact is that in our body there are many receptors, stimulation of which helps slowing down the pulse and reducing the blood pressure.

On top of that, physical contact is capable of influencing the release of the stress hormone cortisol, reducing feelings of anxiety.

Hugs be yours!


It took me ages looking for a gift for my daughter, who moved to another city. I ordered a blanket here. Now she can feel my hugs from a distance! And it is very warm as well. Thank you so much for giving me a possibility to help my child through severance from home. Now I`m thinking of buying one for myself. 🙂


The heavy blanket was my first experience and it was very successful. I really do sleep better. The workmanship is actually on top. If the guys get the job done with delivery, it will be super!


Now I get better sleep in less time. It "chops" me off almost immediately))

But I had to get used to it for a couple of days ...


Сегодня получила одеяло, пришло вовремя. Какое же оно прекрасное, красивое, уютное♥🔥😊 Спасибо огромное, подарок очень понравился!)


Спасибо за одеяло! ❤❤Оно шикарное. Коту особенно понравилась упаковка


провел тест-драйв. Спится под ним хорошо))) пока ещё ворочаюсь, но я над этим поработаю , но ощущения очень классные. Я в восторге от одеяла, спасибо☺


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