My way of dealing with stress.

Recently, speaking to a close friend (who knows all my breakdowns), I heard a very funny phrase:
«You’re so good, you like to watch as you have a problem, and you find creative solutions at once».😂

So I thought you could use my lifehacks 😁

Faced with depression and stress in my life, I immediately began to look for a way out of it.

And here’s the most powerful thing I’ve ever tried:

1. WORK OR CREATIVITY. It may seem like you don’t have the energy, and you don’t want anything at all, but you have to go a little too far to start, and you’re already in the stream. The mind is busy and there is no time for self-flagellation.

2. SPORT! Find the most comfortable sport for yourself. The one that will allow you to enter the «streaming» mode. It’s when you get your head free and it’s all about the process. It can be running, swimming, martial arts... In my case, it’s yoga.

3. SPIRITUAL SCRIPTURES. Nothing like them in this world can explain everything that’s going on in your life and what to do about it. Wise books help to sort things out and to understand the true root cause of what is happening.

4. A psychologist! Yes, unexpectedly, but obviously. A psychologist. In my case, it was the first way to come up from the emotional bottom, and it helped. Thanks to the beautiful @rupavati_psychofood. 🧚🏼 In general, I am sure that such therapy in the modern world is necessary for everyone.

5. A HEAVY BLANKET. However, it sounds. 😁 But I read about this miracle thing five years ago.  @obyatiastore Such a blanket helps to fight the troubled sleep. And I had exactly this...nightmares and horrors in the cold sweat... The monsters left me the first night! Carl! The first! The heavy blanket works at the subconscious level, imitating my mother’s hug as a child. A wonderful sense of security and tranquillity.🧡

6. TRAVEL. Of course, you will not fly away from yourself, but new experiences and acquaintances certainly help to get out of the state of chilled fish. New emotions will remind us of the vivid colors of life.

In addition, in no case use the most asymptomatic variants (alcohol and party) in them there is no salvation. A confused state of mind doesn’t give you clarity.