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The following means of delivery are available in our online store:

1) Courier delivery by SDEK or Boxberry - the order is delivered by courier to home or to work, the courier is pre-notified. The order location can be independently tracked by the consignment note number on the site (SDEC) or (Boxberry)

2) Delivery to the PVC place of issue* - the order is delivered to the point in your city. From the list, you can choose from which place of the issue you will be comfortable to receive your order. When the order arrives at the delivery point you will receive an SMS-notice on your phone.

Points of issue: or

3) Delivery by Russian Post - the order is delivered to your post office. After sending by the dispatch ID you can track the order location on the site (Delivery by Russian mail is temporarily suspended).

Price (very reasonable, from 125 rubs.) and approximate delivery times are calculated automatically when the order is made.


Заказ в один клик
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