A weighted blanket can help alleviate problems falling asleep, normalize sleep, and make sleep more balanced.

To sleep, some take sleeping pills, some count sheep, others try to cover themselves with their head, toss them, but these drugs are either ineffective or carry additional medicinal burdens on the body. We propose a new approach to solving these problems and it consists of using a special weighted blanket «Hugs».

It looks ordinary, but in fact, it has a hidden substance that can have a positive effect on sleep without medication. Special hypoallergenic polymer granules serving for weight plating are located inside several layers of different materials. The pressure exerted by "Hugs" on your body contributes to the development of melatonin and also has a soothing effect by subconsciously orienting your nervous system towards relaxation.

The weight can be anything you want, however, based on our experience in the production of such weighted things (and we have been doing them since 2016), we would recommend starting from our standards, that is, using a weight of 5, 7 and 9 kg for a blanket measuring 140x200 cm.

Many manufacturers claim that the weight of the weighted blanket should be around 10-15% of the human body mass. We may assume that this assertion is not entirely correct, that the weight of the blanket depends on the area of the human body under it, and that individual sensitivities of the body to the distributed weight are important. We still believe that only your feelings and experience should be used to push the purchase of a heavily weighted blanket. To understand this experience, we have prepared a rough list of loads with our standards of blankets for size 140x200 cm:

- «light» 5 kg like the old Soviet cotton blanket;
-'The average of 7 kg, like a vintage quilt from my grandmother’s chest;
-A heavy five-pound, 9-pound version for those who believe that the first two options will not be enough.

To understand whether a heavy blanket will help you, you have to answer yourself a few questions:
-When you were a kid, did you like to wrap yourself in heavy cotton blankets?
-Do you feel good on the beach if your body is slightly covered in sand?
-Is your body comfortable being submerged in water?

In our practice, blankets were much heavier, but these were the standards that most customers enjoyed. In any case, we are ready to manufacture a weighted product of any weight and size according to your needs.
We’ve been working for several years to make this heavy blanket, and we’ve honed the process to the limit, experimenting with different loads, materials, insulators, and weights. And now, starting the project «Hugs», we guarantee the quality of our products, the quality of the materials of which they are made, and will be glad if our blankets will help you to find a healthy sleep and to get rid of anxiety and stress effects.