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Weighted blanket "Premium - Cream"

The weighted blanket of the "Premium" series.

Sophisticated manufacturing technology, premium fabrics.

The weighted blanket "Premium" is made with special and unique technology. Thanks to this, the weight in the blanket is practically invisible.

The fabric of the weighted blanket "Premium" has important properties: it is strong, wear-resistant, and very pleasant to the touch. Besides, the fabric has a calm classical design, achieved by the special weaving of different threads in appearance.

The fabric is very good at passing air and absorbing moisture.

The technology of making this blanket differs significantly from that used in the construction of "regular" weighted bedding. The structure of the blanket consists of a set of four layers of materials arranged in series, each of which performs a specific function.

A pleasant bonus will be the special carcasses on the corners of the blanket for the aroma sachet, which will necessarily be complete.
This way you can create a unique atmosphere of warmth and comfort around your bed.

The premium blanket is delivered in a special canvas bag with handy hands.

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